A blank canvas surrounds you! Ways to use your patio floor as a space for art and learning!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Did you know you have a huge blank canvas right outside your home? One of my favorite things to do is write/draw/paint on our patio. You've probably used sidewalk chalk with your kids before, but did you know that you can paint on a sidewalk with tempera paint too? It will be much brighter and last much longer than chalk.

My kids throw a piece of chalk and whichever number it lands closest to is where they hop to.

Over the years we have used all the concrete that surrounds our house (back porch, front porch, driveway, sidewalk and even stepping stones) as a canvas for art and learning. Sometimes I use chalk, but if it's something I want to stick around for a while I use tempera paint. Eventually the tempera paint will wash away (it can last up to a year depending on how much rain you get). I water the paint down, so that I don't use up too much paint, plus watered down paint is much easier to apply to a rough, dry surface.

Young kids learn best when moving and playing. So we have made countless hopscotches around our house. But not the typical hopscotches. The first one we did was the letters of my daughter's name. Hopping on the letters of their name is a great way to teach a toddler to recognize and spell their name.