An art space is the new playroom!

Do you have a playroom? Once I became a parent I began dreaming about a playroom. A place where I could throw all the toys and never have to see them in any other part of the house again. Because I'll be honest, we have too many toys.

If we had an extra bedroom, we probably would have had a playroom by now, and if we had a playroom, we probably would have even more toys. But guess what, I've decided I don't actually need a playroom after all. Instead of a playroom, we have an art space and that's even better for me and my kids.

America has a toy problem, and I blame Amazon and Target. I grew up in the 80s. There was no Amazon and no local Target. All of my toys fit neatly into one large plastic vinyl toy box. Outside we had a fenced in dirt play yard where our trucks lived and we had a garden hose at our disposal and we were happy with just that. We took a trip to the grocery store once a week with my mom where we begged her for Fruity Pebbles, not toys. We occasionally went to the drug store, where they had one whole aisle of toys, and we'd end up buying a pack of Uno cards. Times have changed. Today more and more of us are doing the majority of our shopping online. Buying stuff has become really easy, perhaps too easy.