Easy ways to build an artistic environment for your kids!

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Our current worktable/gallery wall

Would you like to create a space where your child can go to unwind and get creative? A place where your child will feel in control and at ease. Building a space for art is oftentimes easier than we think and the benefits of creative play are immense.

This space could be in your house, outside, or in both places if you have the room for it. Personally I like to keep the messiest stuff outside, like paint and play dough, but there was a time when we did both in the house. It all depends on the age of your kids, climate, the size of your living space and what you are comfortable with.

Your art space could be as small as one drawer in your kitchen full of supplies and a designated open space on the kitchen floor where the kids can sprawl out with these supplies and get messy. You could label the drawer "Kids Art Supplies" then grab some blue masking tape and make a sprawled out kid sized rectangle near the drawer. Tell your children that these supplies can come out whenever they want, but they must stay within the boundary of the tape. Get down on the ground and show them how to do it, remind them that this is their art space and they can come to it whenever they want. You can occasionally switch out the art supplies in the drawer, put the ones they aren't using in a large bin in your garage, and put new supplies in the drawer. They will get excited when they open the drawer and there is something new in it.