Clay tree people!

Have you ever used clay with your kids? In all my years of teaching, I've noticed that students get the most excited about clay. There is something about being able to feel the material in your hands that is so satisfying! So I bought some clay for my kids. Hmm, what to make? I didn't want to create more clutter around the house, so I decided to do this super fun ephemeral clay tree person outside.

This project is a great lesson for teaching children that art does not need to last forever, sometimes it's about the process and the experience.

I recommend this project for kids age 4 and up, it was beyond my 2 year olds ability and focus (although he did make something with my help).

First buy a bag of clay. I bought air dry clay because I wanted to make other stuff out of it as well, but really any bag of clay will do. This is a temporary project. When it dries pieces will crack off and when it rains the clay will return to the earth, that is part of the beauty of it. You may also want to invest in some clay tools.