Building a creative work space for kids at the office!

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Being a working parent is a challenge, sometimes people need to bring their kids to work with them. I'm a huge fan of kid friendly work places. When I was a teacher we were always allowed to bring our kids to work when we needed to, I just had to get approval from the principal and sign a form deeming the school not responsible for my child. It helped that I was an art teacher, so my classroom was a super fun space for my kids.

Before becoming a parent I never really thought about things like what do working parents do with their kids in the summer, or when their preschool is closed for a day or even a week. Now I think about this and I think about how companies can embrace this as an opportunity to help build a better work-life balance for their employees.

My daughter at work with me

As a kid I went to work with my dad on many occasions. I remember the year my dad enrolled my brother and I into an outdoor summer camp where we didn't know a soul. We lasted about 3 days before we begged him not to send us anymore. Thankfully he listened and instead took us to the office with him a lot that summer. I have fond memories of sitting at a desk, secretaries asking me if I needed anything and entertaining myself for hours with paper, a pencil, paperclips and unlimited use of the copy machine. There were lots of trips to the supply cabinet, water cooler, office snacks, and a soda machine.

I was lucky because my dad had his own business, so bringing me to work with him was always an option. This isn't the case for many people, but it doesn't have to be. With a creative space for kids companies can embrace the idea of kids making the occasional visit to the office.