Cute crime scene art...

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Here is a fun process based art activity that can be done just about anywhere.


Sidewalk chalk

Tempera paint

Paper plates

Variety of brushes

Water for clean-up

1) Start by having your child lay down on the ground outside and trace them with sidewalk chalk. Another option is to use a large piece of paper, or even have them stand up against a wall to do the tracing. Giving toddlers a space to work within (the outline of their body) helps create inspiration and gives them a starting point.

I decided to do the tracings on our garage door. It provides a somewhat smooth white surface and it will eventually wash off...mostly. If you love your garage door you might want to think twice about this, driveways and porches are more forgiving. If you do choose the garage door, the bonus will be the look on