Fun, creative Spring Break activities for little kids!

This week is officially Spring Break for us. If you are social distancing like we are you are probably looking for easy activities you can do at home with your kids. Here are three fun activities you can try today!

Activity 1: Collections and Study Drawings

Do your kids love collecting things? Mine sure do. Last week I gave each of my kids an egg carton and we headed out around the block. I told them to fill up their egg cartons with whatever they would like. If you haven't been saving egg cartons start saving them now, there are lots of fun activities you can do with egg cartons.

When we got home I gave them paper and colored pencils and told them to draw their objects. My daughter (5 years old) lined up all of her objects and started drawing them one at a time. My son (almost 4) laid each object on his paper and traced them. If your kids are too young to draw, tracing is a great alternative that will improve their drawing and writing abilities.