How do you play with your kids?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

I recently had a single, working mom ask me for ideas of how to play with her daughter. This really got me thinking. I'm a SAHM, you would think I spend all day playing with my kids, but I don't. Honestly now that my kids are both over two years old, I don't technically play with my kids that much. What I do is I set up opportunities for THEM to play throughout the day, and I sprinkle in a few times when I play with them.

I went over some different ideas with this mom, art, blocks, board games. I could see that she had tried all these things, and didn't seem too excited about them. Yeah she had done watercolor, but her daughter only wants to do it for 10 minutes. Yeah she has blocks, but her daughter gets bored quickly with those as well. The fact is that we moms do lots of activities with our kids, and it's gets boring for us too!

What we need to do is find things that WE love doing. I showed this mom a sewing project that I recently did with my kids, and I saw her eyes light up. I mentioned that she could sew a small pillow, or something else that her daughter might enjoy. She immediately said, "Yeah, we could sew her a pillow for nap time at school!" This mom then went on to tell me how her mom was a professional seamstress when she was growing up and she herself had learned to sew at a young age. We talked about going to Joanns and picking out supplies, she was really excited about this. It made me happy to know that this mom was going to pass down something that her mom had taught her, and she was truly excited about doing it.