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Little house painters!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Having the white background created an amazing backdrop for the colors!

Have you ever saved one of those huge boxes that you've gotten something delivered in? My kids love it when I cut a door and window into it. We put it on the front porch and call it their "Beach House."

We went a step further this last time. We painted it. First I found a can of old white house paint in our garage. Next I set out a paint tray, a roller and some large paint brushes and asked my kids to help me paint it. They loved taking turns using the roller, and took pride in their work.

We waited a few days after the white was fully dry and invited some friends over for a play date to paint it. I put two colors of watered down tempera paint in an old paint tray, plus a roller brush and some other large brushes. The kids did the rest! Adding a little water to the paint will make it easier to apply and you won't waste as much paint.

Next time you get a large box in the mail, turn it into a little house. Your kids will love it and it will keep them entertained for weeks to come!


  • large cardboard box

  • scissors or box cutter to cut the door/window (parents do this)

  • white house paint or primer

  • roller brush and/or house painting brushes

  • paint tray

  • tempera paints

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Bobby Chase
Bobby Chase
Aug 21, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing.

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