Mom School! How to continue the learning and creativity at home.

Updated: May 14, 2020

Here we all are, stuck in our homes with our kids under quarantine. It could be like this for weeks, or it could be like this all the way through summer, who knows. Today is the first day of Spring Break for us, and I have to say I'm not overly excited about it, because we can't go anywhere. Even the beaches and parks are closed in San Diego. Still I've decided we are going to make the most of it. We are going to cook, create and have a lot of free play time. After break it will be back to Mom School for us. That is what we have named what we did for the past two weeks over here, Mom School.

My kids were pretty excited on the first day of Mom School, and their excitement got me excited about it as well. As the first two weeks churned on we had some highs and lows. There were a few points when I lost all enthusiasm for Mom School, like when I realized there was no end to it. My daughter lost her enthusiasm when she realized her little brother was the class troublemaker. She cried because she just wanted to learn, and he cried because he just wanted to play. We were all frustrated. But by the end of the second week reality began to settle in and we accepted our new routine.

My daughter doing her first zoom meeting with her class.

We have a couple of things going for us. For one my daughter has an amazing kindergarten teacher who has set up a great structure of daily projects and communication. And second I'm a stay at home mom. Working moms are in a much more challenging position right now. Working from home while juggling your kids will make anyone feel crazy. I feel for you