Playdough play!

Do your kids love playdough? Playdough is hands down my kids favorite art material. There are so many different ways you can use it, read on to explore the various ways!

You don't have to buy playdough, you can make a batch of various colors from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet. Store them in airtight containers or ziplock baggies and they will last a long time. Check out this great playdough recipe from If your child has a gluten allergy there are gluten free recipes as well!

Playdough Basics

Playdough is great because it doesn't require much explaining or help from parents. You can usually just set it out and your kids will do all the work. It's the perfect process based art material!

There are some basic things you should explain to your child about playdough though. If they are very young you will need to remind them not to eat it (although it is nontoxic). Also it is a choking hazard to babies and is not recommended for children under two, so keep your eyes on your little ones.