Preparing for back to school, creating a Specialists Pod!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I have spent much of the past month thinking about back to school, or the lack thereof. Here in California we are not going back to school in person. First San Diego Unified decided that at least the first week of school would be done online, then the Governor created his own set of guidelines that made it impossible for most schools to reopen here. Are you scrambling with how to deal with this too?

I wanted to create something new and possibly long term to help make learning at home more fun, so I've spent the past few weeks setting up a small classroom in my backyard. What I'm thinking is I can offer an in person Art class to a small group of kids in my daughters class. This will give the kids an opportunity to actually meet with each other. If lots of kids are interested I can rotate the kids through in small pods. I also plan to hire a Spanish teacher and see if any kids in her class want to join in once a week. The beauty of Distance Learning is we will have some flexibility and can cultivate our own Specialists!

I'll be honest, I have enjoyed the freedom that the past few months have provided. Our schedules are relaxed and we are still doing a few activities that my kids love. Meanwhile they are getting along and playing with each other better than they ever have. So for us some good things have come from the changes of living through this pandemic.

With all the uncertainty that goes along with the virus, including the social distancing deemed necessary to return to school, I'm okay with not sending my kids to school right now.

There are basically two options for those of us with young kids. Distance Learning, which means you take what the district gives you (it will probably look very similar to what we were doing at the end of last school year), or get your own thing going via a home school program (possibly providing more flexibility and less time online, but also means trying something new). Some parents may choose to hire a tutor or teacher or join a pod. In the end it is hard to plan for any of this when we don't have any information from the district about classes or how the days will be structured. But my guess is as the year moves on many parents will start working together.