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Puffy paint on shirts!

Have you ever let your kids paint their clothes? Here is a super fun puffy paint project that your kids will love!

I ordered some puffy fabric paint on amazon the other day so that my daughter could paint the back of her dance jacket. After the jacket she wanted to paint a shirt. My son saw what we were doing and ended up grabbing a shirt and doing it as well! Then another one, and another one!

You don't need a new shirt for this, you could let them paint on the front or back of any shirt! I told my kids to grab an old shirt and when my daughter came back with her super cute horse shirt and asked if it was okay I decided to roll with it and said, "It's your shirt, you get to decide!" So she created her own picture on the back of it!

This activity is so simple, just spread out the paints and let them go to work! This would be a super fun project to do in an elementary or high school classroom! Let kids bring shirts from home!

Another super fun step you can add in is clothing modifications! By this I mean cut off sleeves, cut fringe, or cut other designs into it. My son decided to turn his tee-shirt into a tank top! Do this part first, before you start painting.

This activity works best for kids age 4 and up. My son who just turned 3 loved doing it, but I had to constantly remind him not to make giant puddles of paint. He really just wanted to pool the paint. Little kids typically love squeezing paint out more than anything! This is process art, so it's okay to let them experiment with the new materials. The paint on my son's shirt ended up being so thick that it took about 3 days to dry!

All in all my kids loved this activity. They wear their crazy puffy paint shirts with pride! Give it a shot, I bet your kids will love it too!

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