Reflected Name Drawing, a fun first day of school drawing activity!

Updated: Nov 2

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his journals using mirror writing? He wrote from right to left and it could only be read using a mirror. What an amazing thing to be able to do! In this Reflected Name Drawing project students will learn how to draw their name in mirror writing.

If you are looking for a fun first day or first week art activity this is the one to do. It makes for a great elementary aged project, but believe it or not I also used to do this project with my high school students and they loved it! It's simple, fun and it will give you time to learn their names! Warning: Don't try this on the first day of Kindergarten, it's way too hard. I would skip kindergarten all together, their writing skills are just not there yet and this can leave them and you very frustrated.

If you read my old blog post you know that I planned to start a Specialist Pod in my backyard. I have since decided that it would be more beneficial to focus on a School Work Pod, so that is what we have done. If/when we go back to school I will turn my pod into an after school art class, but for now I have a total of 4 First Graders coming over two times a week to complete their work.

Yesterday was my first day with all four kids, and we had a total of 8 zooms. If you have young kids you know how painful zooms can be for most of them. So I decided to fill the time in between zooms with art enrichment activities. Today we did Reflected Name Drawings.