Halloween spinning ghosts and cartoon eyes!

Here is a super fun Halloween art project that you can do with your kids at home, or in the Kindergarten classroom. It all started when I asked my five year old to think of a project that kids in her class would enjoy. She said "cardboard ghosts!" So I went with this idea, and it ended up being a really fun project. When you hang the finished ghosts on a tree they will spin in the wind and the eyes create a fun effect. Scroll down to the bottom to watch a video of how they look when spinning!

Materials needed: Cardboard, gesso, box cutter knife (for adult use only), hole puncher, string, sharpie and oil pastels.

You will need to start by cutting out the ghost shapes. I drew them first with a sharpie on cardboard, then cut them with a box cutter knife. I was doing this for a class of 22 kindergarteners, so I made 3 different templates so they could have a choice and it would give the project a little more variety. The ghosts are about one foot tall, so you will need some pretty good sized boxes to make these. After cutting out all the the ghosts I applied 2 coats of gesso to each side. This is not absolutely necessary, but I liked starting with a fresh white slate. If your cardboard doesn't have any writing on it you could try skipping the gesso part. In the video example at the end of this blog you will see that one side of the ghost had gesso and the other did not. Oil pastels work well when placed directly on cardboard.