The Process of Process Based Art. India Ink and Watercolors in the Rain.

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Sometimes I like to break out some of my old school art materials with my kids, just to see what they will do with them. Have you ever heard of india ink? It's a black ink made up of soot and water and people have been drawing with it for thousands of years. Once it's dry it won't bleed. This makes it a great material for outlining. It also works well in combination with watercolors. I thought maybe it would be a fun material to try for a process based art project.

Watercolor in the rain.

It was another rainy day today in California. While both of my kids were napping I set up a little project for them on our back porch. I always try to set up projects while they are napping for two different reasons:

1) If you try to set up supplies while your kids are awake they will immediately want to do it, and you'll be left scrambling to get everything out. If your kids don't nap you could set up the night before. Or if they are at school you could set up while they are at school.

2) Setting it up while they are napping makes for a great surprise when they wake up. If your kids are at all like mine, the afternoons at home are the hardest. My younger one often wakes up fussy, and he immediately needs some sort of distraction. Telling him I have a surprise set up outside always makes him happy.