Improve your preschooler's writing through art!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Is your preschooler struggling with writing? Did you know that drawing can help your child with their writing skills? Learning how to control a pen is the first step towards writing. Tracing objects is a fun way to get kids to practice using a pen in a controlled manner.

My son just turned three and writing is still pretty foreign and uninteresting to him, but he is starting preschool next week and I want him to feel confident holding a marker, drawing and attempting letters. So we've been tracing things.

Tracing an object proposed a real challenge for my son, it was something he had never done before. Typically he likes to go crazy with markers. He's drawn a few rudimentary people, but most often he just likes to scribble and then call it what it looks like. We don't do nearly as much drawing or writing as I did with his big sister because he's just not that into it. Even so, this activity grabbed his interest.