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Fun creative activities to keep your kids busy during the Corona Virus shutdown!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Today we got word that all San Diego Unified Schools will be closed until April 6th. On top of that every extracurricular activity has been canceled and it's supposed to rain for approximately the next week. It's going to be a long spring break for sure. So what does this mean for parents? Most working parents are scrambling right now to find childcare. Non working parents are scrambling to figure out how they will keep their kids busy and away from crowds and playgrounds for the next three weeks. What is your family going to do?

Calling on babysitters, family members or the neighborhood high school kid will be the easiest childcare option for some working parents. Many people are temporarily out of work right now. I've already seen teachers posting on facebook that they are available for childcare/homeschooling over the next few weeks. Nextdoor is a great app for finding a high school babysitter. Below you'll find activities your sitter can do with your kids while you are at work.

Some employers may allow employees to bring their children to work on an emergency basis. Check with your employer first, with the current outbreak there may be concern with children infecting the office. If you don't have a space for kids at the office please forward my old blog post to your HR person. Many employers are allowing employees to work from home, but this presents it's own challenge for working parents. Keep reading to find activities to keep your kids busy while you are working from home.

Stay at home parents may opt for play dates or childcare trades with other stay at home parents. Now might be the time to put in a Art Corner in your home. This could seriously keep your kids busy all week! Or set up some of the activities below in your backyard and invite some classmates over for an art play date.

Regardless of your situation you will be needing to entertain your kids much more than usual, all while barely leaving the house. Sounds like a challenge to me! I'm here to help you with activities that will keep your kids away from screens and instead actively engaged in the creative process.

If you've never read my blog before, you should know that I'm a huge believer in process art. That means encouraging children to create art without worrying about the end product! Process based art teaches kids to be brave artists! Below are links to 10 of my most fun and creative activities that you can do with your kids today that will require very little set up by you!

So let's all try to slow down and enjoy this break with our children. Remember that you are your child's first teacher. Let's use this opportunity to bring some fun and creativity back into their lives. Good luck everyone!!

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