Last Minute Easter Egg Craft!

Updated: Apr 4

After over 15 years of living in or near the city of San Diego, we recently moved to the suburbs! It was a very busy and stressful few months, but things have started to settle down and we are finally getting back to enjoying art! My new little neighborhood is amazing and has decided to do a community egg hunt and I offered to do some crafts. Here is one that I think will be fun and easy for kids of any age! It's a large egg on a stick and can be made completely with scraps of cardboard and a little paint!

When we think of crafts oftentimes we think of the ready made packaged ones you can get at Michaels. I like to stay clear of these for a few reasons. One, because they only allow for children to make it a certain way, and two they add to the excess of plastics and other non-recyclable and unnecessary materials in the world. Alternatively this project can be done with scraps and recyclable materials.

Materials Needed: Cardboard egg cut out, small wooden dowels (or even better sticks found in nature), hot glue gun (or tape), paint, white glue, ribbons and other craft scraps.